Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Create your own Cash Mob and Make Money Doing It.

If you could join a club that allowed you to shop below retail and make money doing it that club would called Cash Mob One Thirteen. While it is common knowledge that the purpose of any cash mob is economic stimulus. Our mission is bigger than that. Cash mobs generally focus on one store at a time and the shopping spree is usually limited to the amount of money the group can put together. Cash Mob One Thirteen’s mission is to stimulate our local economies by attracting the products we want to buy to our online group. Our purchases help stimulate the US and Canadian economies by restricting the sale of goods sold in this group to items made in Canada & the U.S. When we buy domestic we help stimulate our economy and create a demand for new jobs. Here is the direct link to the group for those of you who want to see this for yourself. It's only two days old and I am still building it but once you see how it works you understand better. Click Here To See My Work

I use the company shown in the banner below as my product supplier. The beauty of this is the drop shipping. I mark up their prices by two or three hundred percent to bring the wholesale prices up to just below retail. I collect the difference between what I charge for the products I offer and what I pay the supplier to buy the product and have them ship it to my customer. No frontloading no warehousing and no inventory to worry about.  Your #1 Wholesale Source!

My only cost is website fees and advertising. The best service for ecommerce websites like this is Go daddy. Go Daddy Featured Offer! $3.99 .COm with Free Privacy! Offer ends 1/15/13! But feel free to find your own service. Just make sure they have e-cart or some form of shopping cart and payment collection options to add to your website so you can get paid both ways. I also reccommend using a prepaid debit cards or a Paypal account to collect payments from customers. This keeps your financial information safe from theives. I will have some direct links for cards and more website services tomorrow. If you don't want the expense of a website right away, start with a facebook group or a yahoo group and grow from there. More tomorrow as the time permits.

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