Friday, July 19, 2013

Internet Cafe, a 35.9 billion dollar thriving industry in challenging times.

I was doing my usual surfing through the classifieds looking for new ways to make money. I landed on an interesting ad for an Internet Cafe that was for sale. At first I assumed the business was for sale  which made me curious about the $1,000 price tag. So being the inquisitive person I am I answered the ad asking a few questions.

The owner told me the business plan is professionally written and already approved by the bank. All I need to execute the business plan and build a 6 six figure income is a downpayment on the start up loan or collateral, a healthy credit rating, industry experience and commitment to my investment for the next five years.
The reason for selling the business plan is to regain the money that was lost in a bad investment. Chase already has a business that is going well and is not interested in opening up a cafe. At least not right now. So I decided to look into this market and see what the possibilities are. I interviewed a four business experts and a couple of bankers I know. They all agree that an Internet cafe would be a winner even in this economy simply because it caters to a wider market than an ordinary cafe or coffee shop. The selling point of the Internet Cafe is the marketing strategy. Unlike traditional cafe's, the Internet Cafe combines the wide spread addiction of video games and computers with a traditional coffee shop atmosphere to redefine the social experience.

Internet cafe's are nothing new. They've been around since the early 1990's. One thing I like about the Internet cafe industry is it's ability to cater to the ever changing tastes of the local economy. It's such an out of the box business model and I think that uniqueness is how this business has been able to survive all that the economy has to throw at it at and come out on top. Today's Internet Cafe's are a pleasant  upgrade to the Internet cafe I used to frequent in my twenties. That one was a dump that didn't have much to offer but it still made a six figure income off of Internet addicts that had no computers at home and gaming junkies that just wanted to get out of the house but can't stop gaming.

I was a regular at the local Internet cafe despite the fact that I had my own computer and internet connection at home. The Internet cafe allowed me to get out once in a while and go somewhere I felt entertained. Today's Internet cafe caters to book worms video game addicts and Internet junkies alike.

So anyone who is interested in owning their own business but doesn't have the time to write the business plan here's one with the work already completed